Signs it is time to sell a junk car

Is it time to sell that junk car sitting on your driveway? How about that wrecked vehicle that hasn’t left the garage in months? There are plenty of signs it is time to sell a junk car. In this article, we cover the top 5 most common signs that it is time to officially say “goodbye” to a junk car or truck!

Top 5 signs it is time to sell a junk car


The vehicle has not been on the road in months

One of the biggest signs that it is time to get rid of a junk car is when the car has not been driven for weeks or months. Unless it is a collector vehicle (which is highly unlikely to ever be considered a junk car), a well-working car is probably driven at least every other day. If there is a vehicle in the driveway or garage that never leaves its parking spot it is not adding any value to your life. Instead, it is taking up valuable space and becoming an eyesore. If this is the case it is time to call a junk car buyer.

signs it is time to sell a junk car

Is it time to sell your junk car?

The car needs a lot of work

Another sign it is time to sell your junk car is if it needs hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of work in order for it work again. If it is going to cost you more money than the value of the car to get it running, it is time to get rid of it! Why invest your hard-earned money into a car or truck that will only continue to cost you more and more money over time? Time to sell the junk car!

Excessive rust on the vehicle

In most cases a little rust on a vehicle will not cause it to break down or not work correctly. However, it will decrease the car value significantly. In cases where rust has taken over most of the body of the vehicle, it is time to get rid of it! When extreme rust occurs it can cause the body of the car or truck to literally fall to pieces. If this occurs it is impossible to repair. Although the outer body of the junk car may not have much value, the engine and other parts of the vehicle may still have high value. Therefore it is a good idea to contact a junk car buyer who will take the time to break down the vehicle to smaller, more valuable pieces. The more value a junk car buyer finds in a vehicle, the more money that will go in your pocket!

Resale value of the car is low

If you find that the resale value of your junk car is less than $1000 it can be incredibly hard to sell it to anyone other than a junk car buyer. It is always a good idea to do some research about the value of you vehicle before deciding whether to sell it to someone who intends to use it or a junk car buyer. Most people will never buy a car with a low value simply because it will take more money to get it in working order than it did to purchase it. If the value of the truck or car is less than $1000, it is time to say goodbye!

The title of the vehicle is missing

Another sign that it is time to sell a junk car is when the title for it cannot be found. The title of a vehicle proves that you are the rightful owner. If you do not have the title in hand, you will not be able to sell it to a private buyer. In most cases Auto Recycling Denver is able to pay cash for cars without titles. All you need is a license and we will take care of the rest! If it is not worth your time or money to get another title from your local governement, it is time to sell the junk car!

Time to sell a junk car? Call Auto Recycling Denver!

If your junk car matches one or more of these signs, it is probably time to sell it!

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