Salvaging a car is never a fun experience, it can be very time consuming and down right frustrating. At Auto Recycling Denver  we do our best to minimize the hassle of selling your unwanted vehicle. We understand that your time is very valuable, and that salvaging a vehicle does not rank too high on your top 10 favorite things to do. We have been doing this a very long time and we would like to share a few simple tips to save you time when salvaging your car, truck, van, or SUV.

  1. Call Around – There are so many companies that buy Junk Cars in Denver, that it’s a smart move to call around to find a reputable company and the best payout. There are many companies that specialize in certain brand of vehicle and will pay out a higher amount for a particular vehicle, it’s just of matter of finding them. Some companies will pay up to $200-$300 more they specialize in your cars brand. So don’t say yes to the first company that you talk to.
  2. Clean Out Your Car – Make sure to clean out your car before the tow truck gets to your car. It might seem silly but many we find valuable things inside cars that people totally forgot about, including Jewelry, Money, Computers and Tablets. It also makes the process faster! There’s very little paper work involved when junking a vehicle. We are often left waiting for people cleaning out their cars at the last minute as we are eager to load up the vehicle onto the tow truck.
  3. Come Prepared with Paperwork – Bring all the proper documentation to prove that you are the lawful owner of the vehicle or state on your initial call with the company what paper work you do have and they will have a better idea of what forms to bring with them. Here are some good documents to have on hand: Clean Vehicle Title,  Drivers License, Registration. We can still buy a vehicle even if you don’t have a title, but can still prove you are the owner.
  4. Be Detailed – If you are meeting a tow driver somewhere be very clear and descriptive about the vehicle location and what it looks like. Many time we meet customers at parking lots and there are 10 red Hondas parked near each other, and we don’t know which car belongs to you. So be descriptive tell us your vehicle Make, Model, Color and License plate number. Again, just another silly thing that can help us ensure we are looking at the right vehicle and quoting you the right amount.
  5. Negotiate If Possible – We are in the junk car buying business for a reason, and we like making deals. If you just had something replaced on the vehicle, many times we can pay a little extra for it. But, we need to know, and if you don’t ask for it, we mostly likely won’t pay you extra.


There you have it, just a few simple tips that might help you out if you’re looking to salvage a vehicle. We really hope you give us a chance to buy your vehicle. We are a family owned business and we do our best to pay a fair amount for your vehicle.  If you would like an offer on your car just call us and we can provide one over the phone.

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