Reasons Not To Sell A Junk Car on Craigslist

Selling a junk car on sites such as Craigslist may seem like a good idea when trying to get rid of an unwanted vehicle. In the past, this was a very popular option for people looking to make some quick cash. However, using Craigslist or similar sites can cause more headaches and stress in the long run. Here are 5 reasons not to sell a junk car on Craigslist:

5 Reasons Not To Sell A Junk Car on Craigslist

  • Scammers

    • Most of the time transactions and sales on Craigslist are legitimate and occur without any problems. However, it is important to keep an eye out for people who may be trying to scam you. When selling a junk car the most common scams include fake checks, bounced checks, and offers that are not real. This can be very frustrating for anyone, but especially when you are trying to get rid of an eye-sore in your garage or driveway. Trust your gut feelings – if something seems off, it probably is!
  • Marketing the Car

    • If you have never sold anything on Craigslist, it can be very time-consuming to create a post, take good pictures, and upload everything to a decent-looking ad. Once the post is live and you start receiving inquiries about the junk car, it can take hours to figure out which offers are real and which may be a scam. Selling a junk car on Craigslist may seem like a good idea at the start, however, after days of going back and forth with “interested buyers”, it will become old very quickly!
reasons not to sell a junk car on Craigslist
  • Stranger Danger

    • The sad reality of sites like Craigslist is that sales can be detrimental to your safety. Most people know that it is important to meet a person that you are doing business with in a crowded space, such as a parking lot or gas station. However, selling a junk car can make it difficult to meet in a public space because it may not be able to drive. Therefore, buyers will likely need to come to your house or the location of the vehicle to see it before moving forward with the purchase. This means that they have your personal address and information. Do not risk the safety of you and your family by sharing personal information!
  • Paperwork Nightmares

    • Selling a junk car on Craigslist is not as straightforward as it seems. People often forget the time and effort it takes to transfer ownership of a vehicle. Transferring ownership of a junk car means that paperwork will need to be notarized. This is important because without the official transfer documents the vehicle may still be under your name. This can have a lot of negative implications if the vehicle is part of an accident and may leave you liable!
  • Negotiation Wars

    • Sometimes it can be fun to negotiate certain things. However, negotiating the price of a junk car is not one of these times. Because anyone can sell and buy items on Craigslist it is common for negotiation wars to start. These can last for hours or even days, and then it can take even more time to officially sell the vehicle (most of the time at a lower price than you were expecting). Save yourself time and money by skipping negotiation wars!

Alternatives to Selling A Junk Car On Craigslist

If you have decided that selling a junk car on Craigslist or similar sites is not the option for you, there are better alternatives to get rid of a junk car! Reputable junk car buyers are a great option for those looking for a hassle-free sale! Auto Recycling Denver always pays top-dollar for junk cars in any condition, running or not! Towing is always included with every junk car sale. Call us today and let us make you an offer!