Is It Better To Donate Or Sell A Junk Car?

Selling your junk car may be a better option than donating it

Deciding whether to donate or sell a junk car is a decision many people will have to make at some point in their lives. While the idea of donating a vehicle to an organization or charity may seem like a morale-boosting choice, selling an unwanted car to a reputable junk car buyer may be the best option for many people. Working with a trusted junk car buyer is a great way to get rid of unwanted vehicles due to the benefits of receiving cash on the spot and having the car towed away for free. Additionally, selling a junk car helps to protect and preserve the environment by helping fewer cars end up in landfills.

Selling a junk car for cash

Selling A Junk Car is Easier Than Donating

Selling a junk car is far easier than donating it to an organization in most cases. Donating to an organization or charity often means filling out lots of paperwork, needing to acquire the title for the vehicle, and in some cases physically dropping the car off at the location of the organization or charity.

Instead of going through the headache of donating a car, call your local junk car buyer! It truly makes the process of getting rid of a junk car so much easier.

Sell your junk car fast with these steps:

  1. Find a reputable junk car buyer near you. It is always a good idea to check reviews before selecting a junk car buyer to ensure a positive experience.
  2. Accept an offer on your vehicle and set up a time to have it towed away. Towing is always included when Auto Recycling Denver buys your junk car!
  3. Get cash in hand! Auto Recycling Denver offers same-day pick-up in most cases.

Selling a junk car could not be easier! Getting rid of an unwanted vehicle is literally a phone call away!

Get Cash On The Spot When You Sell A Junk Car

Getting cash on the spot may be the reason many people choose to sell their junk cars rather than donate them. While donating a car may be a tax deduction, the thought of having to wait until taxes are filed to see that benefit does not appeal to most. Instead of waiting for the money why not sell your car and get cash on the spot? Many times the cash can be given on the same day you call! Auto Recycling Denver always has cash on hand to ensure that you are making the most for your junk car.

Hassle-Free Removal When You Sell A Junk Car

Another benefit of selling a junk car rather than donating it is worry-free removal of the car! While some organizations may pick up the unwanted car for free, it may be days or weeks before they are able to get it. At Auto Recycling Denver we offer same-day towing in most cases so that you can get rid of the junk car as soon as possible. Towing is always free for our sellers. It does not matter if the car is running or not, we will come to you and tow it away for free!

Selling A Junk Car Helps The Environment

When you sell your junk car to a junk car buyer, you are helping preserve the health of the environment! Rather than having a car end up in a landfill, junk car buyers help ensure that unwanted vehicles are recycled in a responsible manner. This is because they tend to work with local auto salvage yards that remove any pieces of the car that can be reused or recycled. During the break down of the vehicle, the dangerous liquids are drained and disposed of in a responsible manner. Cars that end up in landfills may leak dangerous chemicals such as antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, and brake fluid into the soil. This can cause major damage to the environment! When you work with a junk car buyer you help ensure the health and safety of the environment!

better to donate or sell junk car

Give Back When You Sell A Junk Car

There is no doubt that donating to your favorite charity or organization provides a good feeling. But what if selling your junk car could give the same benefit? When you sell your junk car for cash you have the ability to give the money directly to the organization if you wish to do so. While only some organizations charities accept donated cars, all of them accept cash donations. Therefore, selling a junk car opens the ability to donate to any charity or organization you want!

Why Choose Auto Recycling Denver?

We Buy Junk Cars

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Fast and Convenient Service!

We’ll make simple arrangements to help you sell your junk car right away. We can tow junk cars that don’t work, so don’t stress over the state of your heap of garbage. It doesn’t have to run for us to want it. If you’d rather drop it off to us, come to our location where we pay top dollar for junk cars. Transform an unattractive issue into a night on the town, a vehicle overhaul, or home repairs. In fact, maybe it’s time for a vacation, don’t you think?