Junk Cars For Cash – How to get cash for your old unwanted or broke down vehicle.

Junk Car Buyers Denver

A problem that anyone who owns a vehicle will at some point face,  is having to get rid of their vehicle. There are many reasons why people sell their old cars, including, brake-downs, upgrading, or auto collisions. These are the most typical reasons why many people call us. We buy old vehicles that are not longer functioning or are simply unwanted due to the space they take up. You’ve probably seen the signs and tow trucks around town, “We Buy Junk Cars.”

If you think it might be too good to be true, that someone out there wants to buy your old broke down junker; I can honestly tell you, it’s true! We are the folks that are willing to dish out cash for junk cars. We take old vehicles and recycle them. Crazy right!? Well, let us explain why we do so.

Cars are mostly made of metal. There are many types of metals that go into building a car.  Some but few precious, and mostly steel and aluminum. We take these cars an disassemble them to sort out the metals and then send them off to the be reused to make all sorts of new products.

Responsible Vehicle Recycling

Denver, CO is our home town, and like many of you we’ve noticed the amount of traffic and influx of people coming to our city. With them they bring more cars to Colorado. Many of which aren’t very suitable for the road, or at least for not too much longer. We buy those cars once their purpose has been served. It’s our way of doing our part to keep our state nice and green. We responsibly remove all hazardous materials from your old junk car to ensure pollutants down enter into our streams, rivers, and Atmosphere.

That is why we suggest you give Auto Recycling Denver a call next time you want to sell your junk car. We can provide a same day pick up and pay you cash on the spot! We are located in central Denver and cover the entire Denver Metro Area! We can even tell you how much we can pay for your car over the phone! So, give us a call today to find out how much you vehicle is worth.


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