5 Reasons to Recycle Junk Cars

Junk Car Buyers Keep Unwanted Vehicles Out Of Landfills

When it comes to getting rid of an old, unwanted junk car, taking it to a local landfill may seem like the best option for some. However, many people are now turning to junk car buyers to get rid of their vehicles and make some extra cash. Choosing to work with a reputable junk car buyer is not only a great way to make s0me money on an old, unwanted junk car – it also is one of the most environmentally responsible ways to get rid of a vehicle.

Ways Junk Cars Are Recycled

Nearly every part of a junk car can be recycled. From metal pieces, to tires, and even electronics in the car, many pieces in an unwanted vehicle can be used again and again. Junk car buyers often work with salvage yards to ensure that as many parts as possible are recycled before the remaining pieces make their way to the landfill. Recycling junk cars helps keep our environment clean and safe!

  1. Junk Cars are Full of Recyclable Materials

    • Nearly every part of a junk car can be recycled. For example, tires, windshield wiper glass, iron, steel, radiators, transmissions, and much more can be recycled. In fact, nearly 90 percent of a car can be recycled! That is a huge amount of material that could be reused rather than sitting in a landfill for hundreds of years! Additionally, many landfills no longer accept cars due to the toxic materials inside of them. Therefore, selling a junk car to a buyer is likely the best option for many people looking to get rid of an old or unwanted vehicle.
  2. Junk Car Recycling is Better for the Environment

    • If a junk car is taken to a landfill directly, it will likely have all of its fluids still inside. Examples of these fluids include gas, windshield wiper fluid, anti-freeze, and more. If these highly-toxic liquids leak out of the junk car they may seep into the ground. This can cause pollution in the soil where the landfill is located. Additionally, as these toxic liquids evaporate, they pollute the air and add to an already growing pollution problem. Obviously, choosing to work with a junk car buyer is a better option to keep the environment healthy and safe.
  3. Car Recycling Builds Roads

    • One of the most common parts of a junk car that is recycled are the tires. Tires can be repurposed in many different ways! The rubber can be used as garden mulch, in place of gravel, and even to build roads! Asphalt that contains pieces of rubber is becoming more and more common for road construction. Other uses of recycled rubber include:
      • Artificial turf
      • Landscaping material
      • Play mats for children
      • Some floors
  4. Recycling Junk Cars can be Profitable

    •  Many junk car buyers will pay cash on the spot for an unwanted car. This is a great way to make some money on a car that would likely end up in a landfill. The amount that a seller makes depends on factors such as the condition of the vehicle, the age of the vehicle, and so on. However, any profit is not a bad deal to get rid of an unwanted car!
  5.  Junk Cars are Easy to Recycle

    • It is actually harder to throw away an old car than it is to recycle one! Many landfills no longer accept cars due to the toxic nature of them sitting for hundreds of years without breaking down. There are many companies that will buy junk cars and have them recycled in a responsible way. It is important to choose a reliable junk car buyer to ensure a fair offer. It is a good idea to check out the reviews on a company before selling a vehicle to them!
how to recycle junk cars

How To Recycle A Junk Car

Recycling a junk car is easy!

Simply call your local junk car buyer and sell the unwanted vehicle to them for cash. Auto Recycling Denver pays cash on the spot and offers FREE towing for all junk car sellers. Once the car is taken off of your hands, it is taken to a local auto salvage yard where it can be broken down to smaller pieces and parts. These parts are separated and sent to the appropriate locations to be recycled or reused in some way. Any parts that cannot be reused are then taken to the landfill in a safe manner. This includes draining any toxic fluids, such as windshield wiper fluid, anti-freeze, and other chemicals that may have been left in the car. This will minimize the amount of car parts that end up in landfills dramatically and also gives new life to old parts of the car.

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